Judy's Alaskan Adventures

   The pictures below are of our visit to Alaska. While there, we visited the kennel of Martin Buser.
   Martin is a four-time winner of the Iditarod race. We saw his dogs and puppies and sleds that
   Martin would soon use for the upcoming race.

   Kennel        Kennel
   Judy with puppy        Judy with dog
   Sled      Lance with dog.

   Our group was also invited to the Mushers Banquet. This is when the mushers draw their
   starting numbers and meet the fans and supporters.


   The first Saturday of March celebrates the Ceremonial start of the 1,049-mile Iditarod race.
   On this exciting day, the mushers drive their trucks onto downtown Anchorage streets which
   are packed with snow for the occasion. You can see the dog "motels" and the dogs tied
   around trucks. They are barking and very excited about being there. You can also get a
   bird's eye view of the street that the mushing teams travel. The view is from a parking garage.
   Of course, the real race begins the next day in Willow, Alaska, about 80 miles north.

   Check here for a Youtube Video to see how it feels to be a musher!

Start    Truck
   Dogs with truck.   Track

   While in Alaska we had the opportunity to mush our own six-dog team and do a bit of snowshoeing.

   Dog team
   Judy with snowshoes       Judy with dog
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