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I am a children's nonfiction book writer that has more than thirty books published by Franklin Watts,
Lucent Books, KidHaven Press, Learning Island, and most recently Two Lions (Imprint of Amazon
Children's Publishing).  Most of these books can be found at the library or at Amazon.com or at AbeBooks.com

My books tell exciting information about bioluminescence (or glowing animals), skeletons, circuses,
the giant panda, man-made body parts, Alcatraz prisoners, Mount Rushmore, capuchin monkeys,
U.S. Navy dolphins, guide dogs, horse therapists, sled dogs, hearing dogs, canine companions,
carrier pigeons, police dogs, animal actors, racehorses, rescue dogs, fish, plus two biographies: 
Oprah Winfrey and Rachel Carson.  

I also have a series of eBooks.  The seven-book series includes titles such as:  
I Wonder …
    •  Does a Hammerhead Shark Pound Nails?
    •  Do Bedbugs Snore?
    •  Can a Bald Eagle Grow Hair?
    •  How Do Monkeys Prevent Mosquito Bites?
    •  Does a Camel Store Water in Its Hump?
    •  Can Navy Dolphins Work for the Army?
    •  Does the Hairy Tarantula Comb Its Hair? 
These books download for 99 cents at Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com

My newest book,Yukon Sled Dog, tells the story of a puppy from birth through its training to become a
sled dog in races.  It includes information about the annual Iditarod Race in Alaska every March.